Utility programs by Dr.David

Mo'Slo basic v.1.5

Evaluation version of Mo'Slo basic. For slowing DOS programs.

FIFO v.1.0

First-in/first-out (FIFO) buffer switch for high-speed serial UARTs. (Also displays current FIFO buffer status for COM1-4.) Some Motorola radio servicing software (RSS) and machine control software will not communicate through the serial port unless the FIFO buffer is disabled.

NOTE: Beginning with version 3.3, Mo'Slo Deluxe includes an option to disable a COM port FIFO buffer while slowing a program.


Qfix allows the Ultima VII computer game to be run with Riva 128 video boards. The vertical earthquake display effect is replaced by a lateral movement (consistent with slippage on a strike-slip fault instead of a thrust fault).

Qfix is a TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) program. When run it remains in memory until your computer is rebooted (or in the case of a Windows DOS box, until the box is closed). Qfix does not alter any files or system settings. While resident, Qfix occupies approximately 600 bytes of RAM.

You can run Qfix.com at the DOS command line prior to running Ultima7.com or you can add a line to load it in your autoexec.bat file. It will work with any VGA-compatible display board. It affects only vertical scroll only in 320 x 200 x 256-color graphics mode.

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