Selected games

The game that inspired Mo'Slo plus a couple of interesting classics also playable using the keyboard. For many more classic games, see the LINKS section.

Silly® Master Blaster pinball

"Help, my favorite pinball game is unplayable on my new '386-25 computer," cried a lady in distress way back in 1990. And Dr.David came to the rescue. This game for the 4.77MHz IBM PC inspired Mo'Slo.

Left and right shift keys operate the paddles, Esc key exits the game. For smoother-than-original gameplay, slow with Mo'Slo Deluxe in real-mode DOS using /p1 processor emulation and /m3 slowdown method.


Shareware by Derek Williams. Helicopter rescue mission over enemy-infested mountains. Shoot 'n bomb the enemy; dodge their bullets and missles.

Monuments of Mars

Astronauts have been disappearing in ruins on Mars and your job is to discover the secrets and rescue the survivors. You'll need Mo'Slo to get past the divide error. This is NOT the same as the Turbo Pascal divide error, and requires MUCH more slowdown. With 4BIZ try /s1200 in WinXP/2K/NT and /s750 in Win9x/ME. With Deluxe try emulation /p3 or /p2. If slowing with Mo'Slo basic, use method 2 and compute % for about 20MHz (100 times 20 divided by the frequency of your CPU in MHz). (NOTE: This link will take you to the RGB Classic Games website.)

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