Download COM port FIFO buffer switch


FIFO.COM switches the first-in/first-out (FIFO) buffer of high-speed serial UART chips off and on. It is intended for use in real MS-DOS, but may also be effective in Win95/98/ME.

FIFO.COM is not effective in the virtual DOS machine of Windows NT, 2000 and XP (NTVDM). The NTVDM emulates an earlier model serial UART that does not have an FIFO buffer. Windows allows you to turn off the FIFO for the actual UART in advanced ports settings in Windows Device Manager, but this is unlikely to affect communications in the NTVDM.

FIFO.COM may be downloaded and used without charge, but may not be transferred or distributed without written permission from the author. Use of FIFO.COM is entirely at your own risk, there is no warranty of any kind. Do not download FIFO.COM if these terms of use and lack of warranty are not acceptable.

FIFO.COM is archived in FIFO.ZIP. After downloading FIFO.ZIP, extract the executable FIFO.COM to the c:\moslo folder. You can then view instructions by simply entering:


at the command prompt.

To download click here.

© Copyright 2004 David Perrell