When speed kills old software…

Mo'Slo has been giving old programs new life since 1990. Current Mo'Slo products let you run speed-sensitive DOS and Windows programs on state-of-the-art systems.

For Windows,  Mo'Slo 4BIZ slows both DOS and Windows programs without discernable effect on Windows or other programs. Mo'Slo 4BIZ has three Win32 slowdown methods, two DOS slowdown methods, an easy-to-use Windows interface… [more]

For MS-DOS,  Mo'Slo Deluxe is supreme. Mo'Slo Deluxe has three slowdown methods, cache disabling, processor emulations, keyboard speed adjustment...[more]

Mo'Slo basic is a ‘bare bones’ version of Deluxe with two slowdown methods. An evaluation version is available for download...[more]

Compare Mo'Slo product capabilities and requirements here.

Purchase Mo'Slo products online at a secure site and typically have the software within minutes.

Recommendations are given by major software companies and on countless newsgroups and computer bulletin boards worldwide.

Updates  to Mo'Slo software are described in the Version History section. Updates to the major version you purchase are free. To obtain an update, simply download again using the download instructions you receive when you purchase.

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