Mo'Slo Deluxe and XCOM

Mo'Slo-ing X-COM®: UFO Defense...

using a special batch file to slow tactical events only.

Note: Because XCOM: UFO Defense runs from a batch file, this information is intended for users of Mo'Slo Deluxe or Mo'Slo 4BIZ only. The special batch file is intended only for users of Mo'Slo Deluxe (not needed with Mo'Slo 4BIZ). Users of Mo'Slo 4BIZ versions 3 and later should create their shortcut using the Slo'Win EZ interface.

Mo'Slo Deluxe and Mo'Slo 4BIZ will slow gameplay in X-COM: UFO Defense, but some users report that if the game is slowed enough for ground assaults then the Geoscape portion of the game does not run smoothly.

One possible cause for this is that Mo'Slo has been used without first adjusting speed within the game. Before using Mo'Slo you should first try setting lower numbers in Battlescape Options (click the button during a ground assault).

If you have adjusted Battlescape Options and some events still happen too fast, or if UFO interceptions and/or Geoscape are happening too fast, you should then try running Ufo with Mo'Slo Deluxe or Mo'Slo 4BIZ. If you are using Mo'Slo Deluxe, find the highest percent of normal speed at which the 'problem' events do not happen too quickly (for example, a 300MHz CPU should not need a speed argument of less than '/33'). If you are using Mo'Slo 4BIZ, use an alternate slowdown method (2 or 2w in Win9x/ME, 3 in WinNT/2K/XP) and try an emulation speed of 4600 ('/s4600'). When slowdown is adjusted to taste, then adjust Battlescape Options upward again if movement and/or fire speed in a ground assault have become too slow. If the gameplay is now OK, you may want to create a Windows shortcut for slowing Ufo.

If you slow Ufo with Mo'Slo Deluxe and find that ground assaults play OK but the Geoscape portion of the game does not run smoothly, you can use a revised batch file to slow only the Tactical portion of the game.

Using the UFOSLO.BAT file...

To use the revised batch file you must first have Mo'Slo Deluxe installed in the 'c:\moslo' folder. If you are installing from the Ultimate Strategy Archives compilation, insert CD #1 into your CD-ROM drive. Click 'Start' 'Run...' and then type:

xcopy  d:\moslo\  c:\moslo\

(if your CD-ROM drive specifier is not 'd:' then substitute the correct letter). Click 'OK'. Alternatively, you can copy the folder using My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Download the ZIPped batch file. Unzip the file onto your hard disk in the Ufo folder. The file should be named 'Ufoslo.bat'. NOTE: in order to see the '.bat' extension in Win95/98, you must have display of filename extensions enabled. To do this, double-click 'My Computer', click 'View', click 'Options' ('Folder Options' in '98), click the 'View' tab, uncheck the box labeled 'Hide MS-DOS file extensions...' ('Hide file extensions...' in '98), click 'OK'.

When you have 'Ufoslo.bat' in your Ufo folder you can then run XCOM using the command 'ufoslo /n' at the DOS prompt, where n is the percent-of-system-speed at which you want to run. You must run this batch file from within the ufo folder.

Creating a Windows shortcut to UFOSLO.BAT...

If you are playing XCOM in Windows 95/98, you can run the batch file using a shortcut. Here's how:

1. In Windows Explorer or My Computer, navigate to the Ufo folder, right-click the Ufoslo.bat icon and click 'Create Shortcut'. An new icon titled 'Shortcut to Ufoslo.bat' should appear.
2. Right-click the shortcut icon. Click 'Properties'. Click the 'Program' tab. Delete the text in the 'Cmd line:' textbox and type 'ufoslo.bat' followed by a space, then a forward slash, then the percent of normal speed, just as with Mo'Slo. For example, to run at 33% you would type 'ufoslo.bat /33' (without the quote marks).
3. Make sure the 'Close on exit' box is checked, then click 'OK'.

Double-click the shortcut icon to run the game. Slowdown will only be applied to the Tactical portion, not the Geoscape.

The above suggestions and revised batch file are offered with no warranty of any kind. They work for us but you use them at your own risk. The batch file is intended for use with Mo'Slo Deluxe, not the eval versions. We have not seen a need for a special batch file when using Mo'Slo 4BIZ with the '/m2' switch. If you have problems with Geoscape when using Mo'Slo 4BIZ, please contact Mo'Slo support".

The suggestions result from both internal testing and feedback from users and may evolve. Were they helpful for you? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. XCOM is a registered trademark and XCOM: UFO Defense is a trademark of Microprose, Inc. Please contact if any of this information is incomplete or in error.

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